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The Toys Are Here! – New Additions to Our Playroom!

Hello mummies and daddies!

Thank you for your patience! We have completed our restocking and are pleased to share with you the latest additions to our playroom!

*drum rolls*

Dinosaur Age Puzzle

Learn about the primitive giants and the history of our earth with this puzzle set! Get that little natural historian of yours to name the dinosaurs in the puzzle and narrate their own prehistoric stories. Let their imagination run wild and back in time, to marvel over these fantastic beasts that roamed our earth billions of years ago.


MiDeer Dream Factory

Get ready to construct an ever-awake factory with your budding little scientists! Put the puzzle pieces together and watch it come to live by dragging a polarizer across it! Get your child to familiarize with each work station and the operations of a factory. Full 70*50cm of wonders for you and your child to explore.


Who Am I? Puzzle

Teach your little ones about various professions and what they do. Get your child to respect and appreciate each one of the professions. Talk to them about their dreams and aspirations. You’ll be surprised at what goes on in that pretty little minds of theirs! Support their goals and help them achieve their dreams, one step at a time. Great bonding game!


            Busy Traffic/ Giggle Animal

Get ready to pique your child’s interest in recognizing and learning about transportation vehicles/animals. Each mini puzzle is uniquely colour-themed, so get your child started early in colour as well as pattern recognition.

Talk to them about the roles and characteristics of each vehicle/animal, giving them an early start in understanding the world around them!



Our World Floor Puzzle

Learn about each continent and their famous landmarks with this puzzle set! Let that little geographer of yours to be intrigued with the history and culture behind those landmarks. The puzzle pans out to a 70*40cm floor map for your child’s imagination to run wild on.



4-in-1 Puzzle – Animals

Have your child explore the different animal habitats (South Pole, Farm, Savana and Forest) with this 4-in-1 puzzle bundle set. Intrigue their curiosity to explore and understand the natural wonders around them!



Puzzle in Puzzle – Traffic/ Arctic Animals

Teach your little ones about the wonders of arctic animals as well as traffic vehicles with this 100*22cm gigantic floor puzzle! With four 2-5-piece shaped puzzles, they all fit within a panoramic scene.



We really hope that these toys will be able to bring joy and fun to you and your little ones! Happy playing and learning!


With love,
The team at


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