Both Tiffany and I (Hello! Sylvia here!) received a set of toys from @theplayroom.sg and here’s my honest review of the one I’ve received! — I’ve been a fan of Mideer puzzles for a while. In fact, I’ve bought 7 Mideer puzzles for Allie prior to this review! Their puzzles are of well designed and of good make. This set of Magnets Traffic puzzle that I’ve received didn’t disappoint. Allie and I had fun unboxing it earlier today! This set contains a foldable magnetic board, 8 play cards & 59 magnetic puzzles. At 2.5yo, Allie isn’t the most patient at finding the right pieces she needs. So what I did was to find all the pieces she needs to complete a vehicle card, and I left her to pick and choose where to put each piece. She did pretty well! We talked about where each of these vehicles belonged (land, sea or air), and what their roles are. Older kids might enjoy creating their own vehicles! I believe Allie will grow to love this of puzzles more with time and practice. Puzzles are great for cognitive development, and if you’re looking to get some for your child, head on over to @theplayroom.sg and check out their wide collection of quality puzzles (My Time Travel Puzzle is on my to-buy list!).

May 29, 2018

Fast delivery, Excellent quality. Value for money. My kids enjoy solving them.

Apr 20, 2018

Very fun and educational. Quality is good

Nov 29, 2017
C loves puzzles and we are really excited to receive the Mideer Circuit Puzzle from @theplayroom.sg! This set comes with double sided puzzle pieces, which you can form a path out from the boat house (river) or the garage (road). What I really love about this set is that all the pieces fit each other and there is no wrong piece unless you are making the circuit. It also comes with 2 boats and 2 cars for pretend play which J absolutely loves! It’s a playscape plus puzzle in one set! So if you are looking to get some good quality and fun puzzles for your child, head on over to@theplayroom.sg and check out their wide selection. 

May 30, 2018

Good quality puzzles, fast delivery

May 23, 2018

Great item!!!! Worth buying

Feb 28, 2018